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Writing Projects


No one wants to discuss sex, but it is a topic that must be discussed. God knew this so He gave us many instructions on how to preserve the holiness of sex. This book presents an "undefiled" view of sex. 

He Gives No Stones

God wants what is best for us. He promises that He hears and answers our prayers. He gives us instructions and conditions for our prayers, but when we pray the way God requires, He will give us answers. Modern teachings on prayers not only question this basic truth, but they question where God even answered Jesus' prayers. The Father heard and granted each of Jesus' requests, because Jesus prayed as God desired. If we can learn to pray like Jesus, God will answer our prayers also. When we ask for bread, He Gives No Stones (cf. Matthew 6.9-11). 

Preach Impediments

It's hard to understand modern preaching, mainly because of the technical and difficult vocabulary. So often, the teachings of modern sermons completely misses its target audience. This book seeks to define these difficult words and expression for new Christians so they can get the most out of their worship experience. 

The Dead Walk Again

One form of modern entertainment are zombie stories. Yet, these stories mirror the story of Scripture closely. Read this short book to see just how similar these genres are and what can be learned about real life from this macabre fiction. 

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