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Our goal is to help others through studying God's Word to grow more godly. We know that God desires for all of us to grow in knowledge and faith. He tells us this multiple times through Scripture (Proverbs 1.7; Romans 12.2; Ephesians 4.15-16; Philippians 2.12; Colossians 1.9; 2 Timothy 2.15; 3.16-17; Hebrews 5.11-15; 1 Peter 2.2; 2 Peter 3.18 just to name a few). In an effort to please God and be more of what He would have us to be, we take every opportunity to study God's Word and share this message with others. We are not interested in sharing our opinion with others, not some church's doctrine. Rather, we just read Scripture and discuss its meaning and application.


We are are a non-denominational ministry that seeks to connect people with the truths of the Bible. We feel this is best accomplished through meeting you face to face. We want you to be comfortable at this meeting, so learn more about us through this website. But as soon as you are convinced that we will just dig through the Scriptures with you, join us for a study.


If you seek to know more about Him, join one of our studies. Let us know how we can serve you. 

If you have some general questions, or need to contact us for any reason, please fill out this form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to address your concern or answer your question. Thanks! 

I have the upmost respect for GrowingGodly.org, their understanding, respect, handling, and love of God's Word, and the passionate desire to spread the message of God's plan of salvation for His creation. Spreading the Gospel is approached with humility, love and an unfettered desire to seek out truth. These are the reasons I always enjoy studying in these studies. There is a willingness to test traditions and common precepts against scripture and their contextual backgrounds has lead me to a deeper understanding and amazement of God's plan for us.

Jason Kiper

Collierville, TN

The Bible is taught as powerful and life-giving without being complicated or difficult to understand. It's like having an exciting conversation with a good friend about the greatest thing you've ever heard. There is no conflict or anxiety about what you're discussing, only an easy back and forth without any confusion. It emphasizes not only the grand messages of the Bible but also the everyday advice of how to be better fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, how to manage our money well, and how to be a good citizen. 

Luke Douthitt

Collierville, TN

When studying the bible, it is important to find out context of the scripture, what the writer intended for the original audience to understand, as well as what we can learn from these things today.  These studies work diligently to uncover historical, cultural and geographical context in great detail.  The Bible is presented in a way that is very interesting and helpful for us to accurately discern biblical context.  With that context established, the Bible is presented enthusiastically and brings home that relevance for us to better understand our responsibilities as God's children.

Daniel King

Olive Branch, MS

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