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There are many great resources that you can use when studying the Bible. The goal of every study is the same—to best understand the teachings of God as delivered in His Word. To do so, we must follow a logical procedure. First, use primary sources. These sources include the Bible itself, investigating the language and words of Scripture, and digging deeper into the text. This might also include comparing and contrasting the different translations of the Bible to see the interpretative differences between these different versions. 


Second, use secondary sources. These are any writing that depend on the Scripture themselves. This would include resources like journal articles, historical studies, commentaries, and biblical criticisms. These can be helpful in getting to the historical context of the Bible. There is much more opinion and subjective explanations on this level of study, so there is much more need for caution. 

Then feel free to start exploring the tertiary (3rd level) sources, which would include bible encyclopedias, bible dictionaries, and topical Bibles. These sources tend to condense the information of the Bible into lists and simple explanations. The simplicity of these books, and the lack of context can makes these resources dangerous. It is easy to use these lists and definitions to warp the true meaning of the Scripture. Remember the goal of Bible study is learn the meaning of the Bible. 

To the right is a long list of resources you might be interested in studying as you dig deeper into God's Word. Some are online (link provided) and some must be purchased. But all of these are worth exploring and checking out. Good luck in your studies and if you would like to study with us, we invite you to visit our study page to learn more. 

Here is a great website that will give you a link to both multiple translations of the bible and some links to help you explore the Greek and Hebrew language keywords for digging deeper into the original languages of the Bible. 


(For each commentary set, only the first book of the series is linked for your reference)

JPS Torah Commentary - for a Jewish perspective on the first five books of the Old Testament 

New American Commentary

NIV Application Commentary

Word Biblical Commentary

The Expositor's Bible Commentary

New International Commentary of the Old Testament

New International Commentary of the New Testament

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